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Over the High Wire

At six years old I sat down at my first piano lesson. My teacher asked "Do you know which key is at the middle of the piano?" I looked down and touched middle C. He looked surprised. "That's right!" he said. I still don't know how I knew that...

I can remember a time when my arms could not stretch far enough to touch each end of the keyboard at the same time. Now I can't remember a time when the piano wasn't central to my life. Deeply spiritual and introverted, I have always used my song writing as a vehical to express the parts of my experience that are difficult to put into spoken words. The songwriting process never stops surprising me, teaching me and challenging me.

I am now discovering and expanding on what I can do as a solo artist. I've always been a part of a band. Now I spend a lot of time working with my music in my studio. It's a great way to explore every aspect of my writing.

My current plan is to release three self produced and engineered albums in the next two years. The first, titled "This Cocoon", was released March 27th 2009. It explores the more acoustic sound of my music including three songs written on guitar (my second love), a couple of heart wrenching ballads, and even an upbeat jazzy love song. I am very proud to be an indie musician and songwriter... I love the creative control of producing my own music.

The next album will be a collection of songs that have taken on new life as I have been performing them around the country acoustically, bringing them back to the roots of how they were written - just me and the piano. Add to that the sound of the djembe (the african drum that has become more and more apart of my musical expression) and you have the next album titled "Hand and Hammer." It will include such songs as Four Directions, Wave, Magic, Sister, Come Down. After that project, a Rock/Groove CD is in the making.

There is no part of my music that is not touched in some way by my spirituality. My connection to spirit is not limited to any one path and neither is my music. I recognize the light and power of the universe as unconditional love and you either resist or allow it. One of the most powerful places for me is where music and spirit meet..."